Everything we do is for the love of pets!

Welcome to my first blog and a brief introduction to who we are and what we do:

It all started with the idea of loving animals first and foremost and wanting to be in their company at all times…

When me and my business partner started this company, we started with a background and experience in pet care and security services so it was an easier task to start a business which required both.

Another encouraging factor for us was that there were no official or professional pet and house sitting businesses out there in the National Capital Region which would be bilingual (English & French), serve two provinces of Québec & Ottawa and also be experienced, accredited and insured the way we were.

Our business was launched in 2002 from a small office at home and so far we have served the Gatineau/Ottawa area for more than 16 years.

We are happy to say we have served many satisfied clients from all walks of life and taken care of pets of all kinds and still do.

Our passion and love of pets has paid off and we carry our name with pride as we know everything we have done and do up to this day are all for the love of pets!




1 thought on “Everything we do is for the love of pets!”

  1. Great article. We have enjoyed your expert care of our sometimes troublesome pets for as long as you’ve been in business. What peace of mind and gratitude we have when we go away knowing you are caring for our beloved companions. Don’t know what we’d do without. With much appreciation. Excellent company and service is consistently impressive. Lisa and Brendan, customers from the beginning!

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