Hiring A Pet Sitter vs. Using A Boarding Kennel

pexels-photo-811692.jpegFOR DOG AND CAT OWNERS

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Your vacation is just around the corner and you are wondering about your options…. Should you use a Pet Sitter or take your dog or cat to a kennel or a boarding place?

Throughout the years, the one constant dilemma that I have observed with pet owners has been this: Which is the best option for my pet?

My response to this question has always been: “It depends”. There is no straightforward answer to this question unless you assume all cats and dogs have the same age, temperament and routine.

So like most problems, evaluating the PROS and CONS would be the best option.

A brief introduction to each option

Briefly, a Pet Sitter is an individual who will have a key to your home, will visit your pet/s once or twice a day (depending on what pet/s you own, the health status and feeding requirements). So the service is on the basis of visits.

A kennel or boarding place is where you will take your pet/s to. Your pet/s will stay in these facilities until you are back from your trip.

 Pet Sitting:


  •  A service tailored to your pets’ needs
  • Your pet/s will keep his or her routine
  • Your pet/s will stay in his or her own home, a familiar and comforting environment
  • If medications or injections are involved, having a Pet Sitter is optimal
  • Lots of playtime and companionship for your pet/s
  • In case of an emergency either with the house or with your pet/s, the Pet Sitter can handle the situation
  • Pet Sitters also usually bring in the mail, water the plants and put the garbage or recycling boxes out on the curb


A Pet Sitter will charge every time he or she will visit your home. The extra cost is due to their travel time and expenses. So it will be a bit costlier for you to keep your pet/s at home

This is really the only CON that I can think of and believe me I am not biased because I am part of a pet sitting business. It is because Pet Sitting works the best for most pets, although I understand it may not be the best possible option for all pet owners.pexels-photo-219770.jpeg

Boarding & Kennel:


  •  Cheaper than Pet Sitting because they charge you per day
  • Some dogs (due to temperament issues) are best kept in the kennel as they will be destructive at home (either chewing furniture, separation anxiety, etc.)


  •  There is a possibility of your dog catching some contagious diseases such as kennel cough and distemper. Your dog will also be at an increased risk of catching communicable canine ailments when socializing with other dogs.

I must emphasise that boarding puppies and kittens in particular, should be avoided as their immune systems are susceptible to picking up these illnesses.

  • In case of dogs, although kennels take care of the feeding and take your dog/s out for pee breaks, they do so on the basis of the kennel’s schedule and therefore your routine may not be necessarily respected. So for a puppy who needs to be in a routine for his or her pee breaks, this would not be an ideal situation.


…To be continued



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