Karma (The Faithful Akita)

Karma posing for camera!

For this month, I chose Karma as pet of the month. I chose her not because all the other pets whom we have taken care of or still take care of, are not special but because I thought sharing her story will serve as an educational tool and would benefit those who want to get a puppy (buy or adopt) and are looking into different breeds. The other reason for sharing her story is of course because she is very special to us.

Karma came to us about 4 years ago. When I first met her she was about one and was hiding behind her owners! She was intimidated and shy which is not how her breed (Akita Inu) is usually supposed to behave.

Skipping the details of Karma’s training and the hard work put by everyone involved, it took a week or so for me to be able to get her to come to me, trust me and let me put the leash on her and take her for a walk.

However, the uncertainty and shyness combined with the fear of strangers and total lack of trust towards everyone (other than her owners) still lingered on. They were all present and valid signs of a possible bite or worse. Out on the walks, when she saw other dogs or people, she would stare at them, would stop her walk and try to intimidate them; mostly with her demeanor and body language. Other creatures too; if a squirrel or rabbit ran anywhere around us, she would be all attention and ready to lunge and grab the prey. All this in silence and without a bark!

But despite of all that and with the continuous and unfailing cooperation of her owners and a lot of training, she started getting used to my presence as her handler and trainer. and we were on the path of making a bonding and trusting relationship.

She also made a lot of improvements in other areas such as learning and obeying the commands, being able to roam free around people other than her family in her house. She also showed more restraint towards other dogs. While on leash (which she always was and is), she would not bother with other dogs unless there was a dog off-leash who approached her unwarranted or if the other dog was very excited or aggressive.

Well, today, I am glad to say Karma has come a long way. She is not the timid and insecure puppy that I first met. She loves and respects her human family who is now a much bigger one with few kids. Different members of her family are no longer afraid of her and are even able to walk her, feed her and take care of her.

THE LAST WORD: Karma put her faith in us to help her deal with her anxiety and fear. And we put our faith in her, hoping that she will learn and obey, doing our best to help her achieve the best her breed offers and never giving up because that is what having a dog is all about.

Karma looking down the path where we usually walk. On alert, as always.

If you are interested in getting an Akita as a pet, remember Akita is a very special breed. Make sure to study this breed’s temperament and personality before doing so.

Here is a brief intro to this breed:

  • This breed is originated in Japan
  • Akita has two types; American (known as Akita or American Akita) & Japanese (Akita Ken or Akita Inu)
  • Intelligent, strong-willed, independent & powerful
  • Courageous, fastidious & wary of strangers
  • Dominant, territorial, loyal to and very protective of their family
  • Not an ideal breed for first time dog owners
  • Socialization should start from birth
  • Happy to be the only dog in the house
  • Prone to same-sex aggression



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