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Q: I am retiring in a year or so and would like to have a pet as a companion in my retirement. I prefer dogs although never had one… Also I am not sure if I should get a puppy or an adult dog? I have heard puppies are a lot of work.

A: I wish I could answer you in a few short sentences but I need to explain in detail.

If you are retiring soon, I think having a dog as a companion is a great idea BUT please consider the following:

  • Will you be traveling after retirement? and if so, for what lengths of time? and while traveling what would you do with your dog? Will you take your dog with you on your trips or you have other plans?
  • You have never had a dog and there is nothing wrong with that but I am sure you know having a pet, dogs included, is a responsibility that has to be taken seriously. Dogs require walks, they have to be fed, checked by the veterinarian on a regular basis and much more. You should ask yourself if:
  1. You are ready for taking this responsibility?
  2. If (considering you will be retired & assumably with a fixed income) you will be able to cover the veterinarian expenses? Ask anyone who has a dog and they will give you examples of vet fees paid for different services.


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In answer to your other question:

Whether a puppy or an adult dog?

Yes, puppies are little fur babies who need to be taught everything from scratch but the advantage is that you have more control over the situation and the opportunity to start from scratch. Taking care of a puppy requires time, energy and lots of patience. But if done well, you will have a great dog who will be obedient with great manners.

Another advantage of having a puppy is if you are looking for a particular pure breed, you have the option to do so and choose any breed you may like.

Adopting an adult dog is a great deed; you are giving a second chance to a dog that has been either abused, abandoned or the original owners were not able to take care of him or her anymore and it could be due to a variety of reasons.

And why not? We have always encouraged adoptions and will always do because there are so many dogs out there either in animal shelters, foster homes and rescue groups who need to be given the opportunity to have a proper life and have a forever home.

Animal Shelters and local rescue and adoption groups are not just homes to mixed breeds or mutts. If having a pure breed is of interest to you; there are many rescue and adoption groups for pure breeds as well. With a bit of research, I am sure you will find either the mutt or the pure breed you have in mind.

Considering all the above, I encourage you to study all available options and make an informed decision. And if you need more information or help about this subject, we are here for you.